An Impossible 3NT in Lebhar IMP Pairs at Nationals

Made the following impossible 3NT playing with Mark Blanchard at the national Lebhar IMP Pairs in New Orleans March 12, 2023. As North I dealt and passed, East opened 1S, Blanch overcalled 2D, I raised to 3D, Blanch bid 3H, and I bid 3N. When dummy comes down, it is apparent that the opponents can cash at least 5 Clubs and the SA. On the lead of the S8 I have eight top tricks, but where is the ninth? The Heart finesse seems unlikely. So I need East to lead a Heart or a Spade. I desperately lead the CQ from dummy. When the expert East wins with the CK, it is “obvious” that I have CAJ as well as the SK, that his partner has the HA, and that his best shot is to lead to his partner’s HA and get a Spade back through me. His Heart play gives me my ninth trick. He was astounded when he realized what had happened.

I loved the New Orleans Nationals, with one sorry exception: the literary quality of the limericks. To remedy this unfortunate situation, I hereby submit the following (featured on the May 4, 2023, Sorry Partner podcast):

While trying my hand at Pairs Silly*
I suddenly brought out Gazilli.
Pard jumped to a grand
With no Ace in his hand;
I guess I’ll just have to Ask Billy.

*term for the Silidor Pairs, courtesy Adam Grossack.

See also TV clip (opening with the back of my head) from Good Morning New Orleans.


  1. Linda Davis:

    I didn’t realize you are so sneaky, Chip! I’ll be extra careful when I’m playing against you!
    Did Zia have any comments for you?

  2. Frank Morgan:

    For Zia, see