Student Opportunities

Typically I offer several research assistant or summer internship opportunities. However, due to funding constraints not all opportunities may be available each semester and the specific number of opportunities will vary considerably across time.

  • During the academic year I typically work with students in two ways:
    • I run a survey lab in development economics with typically 3-4 students (primarily Sophomores and Juniors). The specific objectives of the lab vary from semester to semester depending on ongoing research project needs. In general, students work on some combination of the following three activities: survey development; survey programming (using SurveyCTO; note: no previous experience with SurveyCTO is required); and data cleaning and processing (using STATA; note: ECON255 is helpful but not required). Students are required to commit to five hours of work per week, including weekly group meetings. Students interested in economics, and international development with an interest in learning more about the practical aspects of conducting research are those who will benefit this most. No previous experience is required. I have two slots to fill in the upcoming fall semester, if interested, please complete this Google Form. Note: I will only contact successful candidates. In past years, I have received up to 42 applications for 4 positions.
    • I also hire students on an adhoc basis to form a wide variety of tasks including: literature reviews, drafting policy briefs, data cleaning, and translation work (French-English; English-French). I primarily hire students who have already worked for me in some capacity, be it as a summer RA or summer intern for these positions. On rare occasssions I will hire a student who has not previously worked with me during the academic year. If you have both strong written skills and strong econometric skills (i.e. significant use and familiarity with STATA)and a keen demonstrated interest in international development, email me to set up an appointment and we can discuss if there are an existing opportunities.
  • During the summer I typically work with students through the following two mechanisms:
    • Research Assistants (ideally on campus): The nature and scope of RA positions vary considerably across time, and student skills. While some students have been integrated into the analysis phases of ongoing research projects this is rare. Most students will be actively involved in the development and refinement of supporting materials for ongoing research projects (Field Training Manuals, Survey Testing, Visual Aids etc). The number of positions offered depends entirely on resources I have available to me in a particular year. If interested, please ensure that you complete the google doc form preferably by February 28th. Note: I will only contact successful candidates, and will review applications on a rolling basis.
    • Summer interns at partner organizations: Often due to collaborative partnerships with other organizations summer internship opportunities often exist. These are unfunded positions, and students have in the past either received support through ASIP or Kershaw internship funding. I will assist you applying and acquiring the necessary letter of support. If interested, please ensure that you complete the Google Form. Note: I will only contact successful candidates.