Breaking New Ground

Kinetic Adds Its Unique Voice to Claiming Williams

For this February’s Williams’ 2014 Claiming Williams Day, Kinetic hosted an event consistent with the day’s larger goal of sparking discussions to find solutions for student identified areas for campus improvement. While Kinetic does not usually focus on Williams-specific issues, this was an excellent opportunity to share the organization’s process with the rest of the campus.  This year, the event’s theme was “Breaking Ground, Cultivating Change”. After a short introduction to the organization’s methods and values, students split into small groups to problem solve, Kinetic-style. Using creative brainstorming and innovative thinking, students discussed potential solutions for problems at that concern Williams students including a lack of political involvement, the social divide between athletes and non-athletes, economic hardships not covered by financial aid, and others. The idea-generating nature of Kinetic’s group-thinking approach allowed the groups to fill hundreds of bright sticky notes with exciting ideas, and encouraging the students who attended the event to take action for positive change, either within Kinetic or independently. The day also gave community members an inside look at Kinetic methods, recruiting students whose attitudes and aspirations fall in line with organization’s goals. Solution-oriented thinking proved a positive contribution to the days conversations, leaving students with a way of effectively changing the things that make them frustrated or concerned.


Written by Olivia Larsen