Our Team

Kinetic’s leadership consists of a twelve member executive board and a leadership team of Kinetic’s strategists who are heading current projects.

Executive Board
Leadership Team

Teacher Recruitment:
Emily Roach
Katie Swoap
Eliza Noyes
Reidar Riveland*
Lauren Christiansen
Kayla Shore
Maggie Yang*

Sustainable Agriculture:
Isabel Hanson and Mary Ignatius
Ali Hill
Abby Robinson
Jeffrey Rubel
Gemma Holt
Kevin Hernandez*
Penny Sun

Purple Flex:
Maddie Taylor and Paul Baird-Smith
Christine Reed
Miaoru Guan*
Chris Owyang*
Ian Outhwaite
Hanson Koota
Katie Westervelt

Nicole Salani and Jaira Walker
Chris Wayland*
Sala Clark

Jessica Bernheim and Catharine Parker
Lucas Elek
Meg Richardson*

Gold Flex:
Hannah Levin and Sophia Janetty
David Jaramillo
Olivier Joseph
Allison Roach
Olivia Larsen*
William McGuire
Noah Krawitz

Distracted Driving:
Zatio Kone and Alyssa
Tony Li
Will Sager
Olivia Daniels
Michael Shaw
Dylanger Pittman*
Aubrey Kenefick

Energy Reduction:
Teddy Cohan and Amelia Black
Lawrence Luo
Alice Rossignol*
Connor Mulhall
Claire Swingle
Jesus Espinoza
Bushra Ali
Anna Ryba


*Communications Analysts

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