Kinetic members uphold the following values because we believe they are the cornerstones to the success of our mission. We believe in…

Curiosity: constantly learning, asking questions, and searching for connections in everyday life.

Innovation: dreaming big, thinking creatively, and embracing the discomfort of risk-taking.

Thoughtfulness: considering all facets of each issue critically and through a variety of lenses in order to ensure well-rounded analyses, high quality ideas, and ultimately, empathetic and productive end results

Action: translating our ideas from discussion into a reality to produce measurable change.

Collaboration: not only contributing talents to the group and leading by example but also keeping an open mind and learning from each other’s contributions to create a greater positive effect than the sum of our individual efforts.

Support: maintaining a supportive environment through productive feedback, kindness, and respect, which will give every member the confidence to take risks, make mistakes, and effectively contribute to the group.

Accountability: holding ourselves and each other to the highest standards of preparation, engagement, and execution.

Flexibility: being open to constructive input and embracing changes in ideas and plans.

Sustainability: welcoming and nurturing passionate students who are committed to our mission and our values.