Leadership Team

Chairs of Leadership Team: Bill Zito and Katie Aguila

Teacher Recruitment:
Emily Roach

Sustainable Agriculture:
Isabel Hanson and Mary Ignatius

Purple Flex:
Madelynn Taylor and Paul Baird-Smith

Nicole Salani and Jaira Walker

Jessica Bernheim and Catharine Parker

Gold Flex:
Hannah Levin and Sophia Janetty

Distracted Driving:
Zatio Kone and Alyssa Maddalone

Energy Reduction:
Teddy Cohan and Amelia Black

Recent Posts

Announcing the Kinetic Conference!

Kinetic Conference Scheduled for Winter 2015

Kinetic is excited to announce plans for a two-day conference planned for January 18th and 19th. Distinguished professionals and Williams alumni in pertinent fields like social entrepreneurship and urban development have been invited to give hour-long “Spark Talks”. Further discussion concerning these talks will be led by members of Kinetic, using the Kinetic solution design process. In addition Kinetic plans to invite students in similar organizations at other colleges and recent graduates to lead workshops. Both professors and students are encouraged to attend!

Written by Chris Wayland

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