Professors' Picks

Williams professors select the best of what's come across their desks so you can stay up-to-date with the latest research, opportunities, and resources.

Latin America and Caribbean.

Prof. Caprio recommends this report: Sound Banks for Healthy Economies Challenges for Policymakers in Latin America and the Caribbean in Times of Coronavirus

This A CGD-IDB Working Group Report explores some of the ways in which policy makers in Latin America and the Caribbean can mitigate the adverse economic consequences of Covid-19.


Prof. Caprio recommends this book: Randomized Control Trials in the Field of Development

For those interested in RCTs, this Oxford University Press book looks like a must read. It explores the types of questions that can and cannot be answered by RCTs and the ways in which one can employ it in the field to answer numerous kinds of questions.

Announcement: IDEAS Calendar of Virtual Webinars in Development

IDEAS is hosting a calendar of all the webinars they can find related to development. Check back often if you have some time and want to learn something new!

Recorded Webinar: The Economic Implications of Covid-19 with Raghuram Rajan

Princeton’s Bendheim Center for Finance hosted Raghuram Rajan on Friday, July 24st for a discussion of the economic implications of Covid-19. Princeton’s BCF is running webinars on the evolving Covid crisis, and putting up its archives online, so check out their website to register for upcoming webinars.

Covid and the Future of Microfinance with Insights from Pakistan, recommended by Prof. Caprio

What’s the future of microfinance in a post-Covid world? A group of six researchers explores the impacts of recent months on the microfinance sector in Pakistan, and recommends policies for how to help microfinance, and the people it helps, weather the storm.

Prof’s Pick: Remittances and what their decline means for development (recommended by Prof. Caprio)

With economic decline looming and borders tightening in the developed world, remittances are going down the tubes. Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development explores what this means for development.

Prof. Gibson recommends this podcast episode on teachers and big questions with Raj Chetty

As in any “Conversations with Tyler” podcast episode, this discussion between economists Raj Chetty and Tyler Cowen is wide-ranging, spanning some of Chetty’s work on early childhood development, education, okra, taxes, and more.