Online Training Courses in Finance

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Announcement: IDEAS Calendar of Virtual Webinars in Development

IDEAS is hosting a calendar of all the webinars they can find related to development. Check back often if you have some time and want to learn something new!

Online learning: Principles of Sustainable Finance

This online course from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam via Coursera considers how finance can be used for the good in reaching sustainable development goals.

Online learning (en Français) “Programmation et Politiques Financières, Deuxième Partie : Conception d’un Programme

This online course from the IMF on Edx focuses on the tools to help you design data-driven macroeconomic and financial policy. It’s the second in a two-part course.

Online Course: Development Economics

This course in Development Economics from Marginal Revolution surveys most of the major topics in development, including the following: Geography and Development; Food and Agricultural Productivity; Water Economics; Economic Growth; Bottlenecks, Linkages and Intermediate Goods; Productivity of Firms; Trade; Property Rights; Corruption; Foreign Aid; Finance, Growth, and the Poor; Poverty and Behavior; Health; Education; Politics, Democracy, and War; Migration; and Population and Environment.

You can take the whole course, or just watch the lectures that interest you.

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