Training Courses in Technology and Innovation

E-learning: “Science Matters: Let’s Talk About Covid-19”

This online course from the Imperial College London aims to teach you what the experts know about the unfolding Covid-19 crisis.

Online Course: Development Economics

This course in Development Economics from Marginal Revolution surveys most of the major topics in development, including the following: Geography and Development; Food and Agricultural Productivity; Water Economics; Economic Growth; Bottlenecks, Linkages and Intermediate Goods; Productivity of Firms; Trade; Property Rights; Corruption; Foreign Aid; Finance, Growth, and the Poor; Poverty and Behavior; Health; Education; Politics, Democracy, and War; Migration; and Population and Environment.

You can take the whole course, or just watch the lectures that interest you.

Online Training: Waste Disposal and Sanitation

Planning and Design of Sanitation Systems and Technologies Style: MOOC, enrollment whenever, five weeks, 16-17 hours Focus: Introduces integrated sanitation planning, both on a citywide scale and for specific contexts such as informal settlements. Covers different sanitation planning frameworks, as well as different systems and technologies relevant along the sanitation value chain. Includes why systems-thinking…

Online Course: Policy Lessons from Korea’s Development

Policy Lessons from Korea’s Development Style: MOOC, four weeks, 16-20 hours total Focus: Learning lessons from South Korea’s past development experience, its current strategy, and the policy initiatives the country has been implementing to overcome global and domestic challenges and maintain economic growth in the 21st century. The course considers the factors that contributed to…