Methods and Measurement

Where you you get your information on methods and measurement? Are there any go-to sources that we're missing in our list of recommendations? Do you have any country- or region-specific recommendations (in English or any other language)?

Let us know by emailing Chrispine at crl2 (at) williams (dot) edu, and we'll put the information up!

Book: Supercrunchers

An excerpt from this book has been assigned as required reading for “Public Economics,” a core CDE course taught in the fall.

CDE Course Text: Impact Evaluation in Practice

Excerpts from this book are required as reading for the CDE course Public Economics. The book is also listed as a reference text for the CDE elective Program Evaluation.

Foundational Article: “Behavioral Design: A New Approach to Development Policy”

This article on behavioral design by Saugato Datta and Sendhil Mullainathan focuses on recent developments in incorporating human psychology into the design of policy interventions, and how small changes can have large impacts.

Audio: Achieving Meaningful Impact through Aid

VoxDev host Tim Phillips talks with Rachel Glennerster, the Chief Economist of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) about the role of aid in development.

Audio: Is Aid Effective?

VoxDev talks Tim Phillips hosts Stefan Dercon of Oxford’s Blavatnik School about how he envisions making aid effective in a world where the most certain bang for aid bucks might not be where the dollar would be most useful.

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