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Where you you get your information on health and population research? Are there any go-to sources that we're missing in our list of recommendations? Do you have any country- or region-specific recommendations (in English or any other language)?

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Video: Esther Duflo On Female Leadership

“Women in Economics and Female Leadership” Video interviewing Esther Duflo VoxDev Video VoxDev sat down with Esther Duflo to talk about her research in female leadership, and the impact on communities where women were required to assume leadership positions. Her conclusion: when women are included in decision-making, groups benefit. View the video on VoxDev…

Audio: Tackling the Challenges of Global Development

Tim Phillips of VoxDev hosts Rodger Voorhies of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a talk on how Voorhies sees the role of the foundation in the world.

Full Article: “Worms: Identifying Impacts on Education and Health in the Presence of Treatment Externalities”

This paper on the effects of deworming treatments on children in Kenya, by Michael Kremer and Edward Miguel, was one of the pioneers in the use of randomized controlled trials at a scale of interest and with implications for cash-strapped governments.

Full Article: “Population Growth and Technological Change: One Million B.C. to 1990”

An earlier paper from Michael Kremer, this paper considers the two main arguments on the nature of population: that more people means more stomachs and thus more pressure, or that more people means more brains and thus more innovation.

Full Article: “Missing in Action: Teacher and Health Worker Absence in Developing Countries”

This article investigates absenteeism among teachers and healthcare workers in many developing countries, and finds it to be a considerable problem.

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