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Our Latest Recommendations

Vox Executive Summary: “Measuring Economic Growth from Outer Space”

This article by Henderson, Storegard, and Weil, published in 2012, pioneered the use of satellite light data as an alternative measure for economic growth. This executive summary from Vox gives a synopsis of the larger paper.

Blog Interview: “How to Reform a Government Investment Agency”

In an interview originally published in LSE’s Annual Review 2015-2016, John Sutton of LSE talks about the insights he learned from on-the-ground work with Ethiopia’s government regarding establishing effective government agencies.

Executive Summary: Why Some States are So Much More Effective at Implementing Policy Than Others

In this executive summary, Best, Szakonyi and Hjort write about a 2017 article in which they utilized state procurement as an outcome variable to evaluate bureaucratic efficacy in Russia, much in the way that diagnostics of effectiveness in firms measured by indicators such as sales, costs and profits would suggest where a firm can be improving.

New from the Source:

Infrastructure Ideas

  • From Bernard Sheahan of the World Bank, a blog about the newest updates and ideas in the rapidly changing world of infrastructure.
  • Bernie visited the CDE for a CDE seminar in February, 2020.

Our favorite sources for the latest research

En Español

Nada es gratis

Nada es gratis is a Spanish-language blog with some of the most prominent Spanish-speaking economists as regular contributors. They focus a little more on the European situation, but there’s a lot of good general content for the hispanohablantes.