Dataverses and Data-Hunting Tips

When we're looking for data, these are some of the first places we start.

If you have any data-hunting tips or dataverses you think should be up here, let us know by emailing crl2 (at) williams (dot) edu.

Data sources compiled just for you (yes, you)

The Library at Williams has compiled a list of data sources and guides for CDE grads that you can still access after graduation. Here's what Walter Komorowski, the librarian compiling these resources, says:

Although most of our resources are available only to current faculty. students, and staff, there are a few subscribed resources and a number of free resources that can help you wih your research. Please note that this guide is a living document and will be updated in response to suggestions/questions. Also note that the availability of a resource will depend on the country from which you are trying to access it. If you have questions, feel free to contact me by email [email protected]

Data sources recommended by the Williams College Economics Department

(pulled directly from the Department website)


An organization started by Swedish statistician Hans Rosling that aims to combat global ignorance. Gapminder brings together indicators from a range of cross-country sources in an easy-to-use format. If you're looking for a place to start, you can get a lot of ideas here, and can get a good idea for global trends.

If you're looking for data about environment, health, energy, gender, economy, demograph, and governance, Gapminder probably has some indicators pulled from data sources that will help move you in the right direction.