Data on Finance

Cross-Country Data

  • Our World in Data (OWID)
    • Financial indicators mostly relate to financing education
  • World Development Indicators
    • Covers a range of indicators over 217 economies from 1960 to 2019
    • Has a Stata portal for pulling data directly from the indicators into Stata. However, some indicators aren't updated for the Stata release as often as they are on the original website, which can get frustrating.
    • Financial indicators mostly relate to financial development
  • International Monetary Fund Data
    • Includes data on macroeconomics and finance:
      • External sector
      • Fiscal sector
      • Financial sector
      • Regional economic outlooks
      • Real sector
    • The IMF data portal includes statistics from several sources:
      • International Financial Statistics
      • Balance of Payments Statistics
      • Direction of Trade Statistics

Country-Specific Data (coming soon)