The Latest News on Covid-19

This is where we've put the latest news articles we recommend relating to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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Does Closing Schools Help Stop the Spread?

This article from the New York times discusses a plan some researchers have in the United States to determine whether school closures actually helped stop the spread of Covid-19. Written May 2, 2020.

“‘Human challenge trials,’ where healthy volunteers would be exposed to Covid-19, explained”

This article from the Vox discusses the concept of “human-challenge” trials, and their potential benefits and costs.

“There May Be a Dangerous Shortcut to a Coronavirus Vaccine”

This article from the New York times discusses the idea of a human-challenge trial: intentionally infecting volunteers to see if it would work. The discussion mirrors the ethical quandries of doing randomized controlled trials in economics settings, where researchers suspect that the “treatment” might not be good for people. Written April 30, 2020.

“Why Days 5 to 10 Are So Important When You Have Coronavirus”

This article from the New York times discusses why, if someone is infected, they should monitor the progression of symptoms carefully. From April 30, 2020.