We've compiled here our suggestions for the latest research related to the coronavirus.

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Prof. Caprio recommends: Reducing the compliance costs of regulation

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Prof. Caprio recommends: Pandemic divergence: The social and economic costs of Covid-19

Pandemic divergence: The social and economic costs of Covid-19 Eduardo Levy Yeyati, Federico Filippini This is a really nice research-based analysis and commentary piece on the specific social and economic costs of Covid-19. It includes the effects of Covid-19 to various things such as the World GDP, education and human capital loss. The following is…

Recorded Webinar: The Economic Implications of Covid-19 with Raghuram Rajan

Princeton’s Bendheim Center for Finance hosted Raghuram Rajan on Friday, July 24st for a discussion of the economic implications of Covid-19. Princeton’s BCF is running webinars on the evolving Covid crisis, and putting up its archives online, so check out their website to register for upcoming webinars.

Covid and the Future of Microfinance with Insights from Pakistan, recommended by Prof. Caprio

What’s the future of microfinance in a post-Covid world? A group of six researchers explores the impacts of recent months on the microfinance sector in Pakistan, and recommends policies for how to help microfinance, and the people it helps, weather the storm.

“The great lockdown through the global lens of the IMF”, webinar video from Princeton

In this webinar from Princeton, Chief Economist of the IMF Gina Gopinath discusses what the lockdown looks like from the perspective of the IMF.

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