Indian Science Camp

Bangalore12I just had a great time at the amazing conference for 800 top Indian high school science students. Here I provide some contacts and information for my young new Indian friends and all; some pictures, including some wonderful pentagonal tilings I found on the path to the Guest House, the ever busy and calm organizer Kaushal Verma, and my student host Devang Rammohan, who met me at the airport at 5 am and took me back at midnight. I’m grateful to all the organizers and participants for their role in this inspiring vision of the future of science in India and beyond.


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email: [email protected] (I hope that those with tutorial submissions and those without will email me questions and comments or post them below.)

References for my talk on “Optimal Tilings”
1. Ping Ngai Chung, Miguel A. Fernandez, Yifei Li, Michael Mara, Frank Morgan, Isamar Rosa Plata, Niralee Shah, Luis Sordo Vieira, Elena Wikner, Isoperimetric pentagonal tilings, Notices Amer. Math. Soc., 59 (May, 2012), 632-640.
2. Whan Ghang, Zane Martin, Steven Waruhui, Planar tilings by convex and nonconvex pentagons,
3. Whan Ghang, Zane Martin, Steven Waruhui, Surface-area-minimizing n-hedral tiles,

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  1. Avinandan Mandal:

    Hello Sir,

    Hope you have remembrd me from the INDIAN SCIENCE CAMP. Thank you for giving your autograf on d back of ur CARD which u gave me.
    As I was tellin, I am really interested in pursuin a short 2-3 mnth internship on GAME THEORY in ur COLLEGE in the coming SUMMER 2014.
    Plz do give some information about the method of applying for d course in this summer……………as I am also intrested in pursuing a COURSE in other fields of SCIENCE, offerd in WILLIAMS COLLEGE.
    Looking forward to a prompt and helpful response from you. Wishin u a happy journey, back to the states.

    Thanking you,

    yours truly,

    1st yr. UG- BS programme,

    Thanks Avi, good to hear from you, see links above.—fm

  2. Nirbhay:

    Thank you sir for uploading all our requests!
    (the money question guy)
    I will look forward to asking and receiving advice from you, whenever ii need it and you are free to reply!

  3. Satwik:

    It was an honour to be listening to such a great lecture on a topic which I had absolutely no prior idea about before the lecture. But now, after the lecture, it is one of the most interesting application of maths I have come across. Thank you for introducing me to “Optimal Tilings” 😀

  4. Sayantan Khan:

    Hi, you might remember me talking about taking 2d analogs of 3d problems, more specifically about gravity not being inverse square in 2d universe. Anyways, coming to my point, I really enjoyed those lunch hour discussions about probability nearly as much as your talk on tilings. Thank you very much for coming and I hope I meet you again in the future.