Dancing the Parkway

For Christmas my brother got a Flip Camcorder and made this video (click here) starring my mom, her doggie, and me, to Gary Schyman’s “Praan” with apologies to “Where in the World is Matt?”


  1. Doan The Hieu:

    You had a very Merry Chrismas and a very happy family. Your mom looks so young and beautiful. She is surely very happy with you and your brother.

  2. Sam Ferguson:

    This was quite an uplifting movie.

    It would be a wonderful (albeit unusual) thing if everyone began received a video like this in the mail whenever they inquired about buying a house!

    A video like this would not only provide an excellent tour of a home’s better features (e.g. living room, strawberry room, grandfather clock, walk-in closet, and so on), but also of its most important and vital feature: that a happy (and healthy!) family lives in it.

    Kudos to your brother’s filming abilities!

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  4. Padmanabha:

    It’s amazing to see your energy..
    And your lecture was fantastic..!! Loved every bit of it.. It made me thing of stuff that I had never bothered about before..

  5. Ayush:

    i loved your talk sir, and i believe i’ll now attach more importance to the areas of mathematics that i did not quite like earlier.

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