Manifolds with Density: Fuller References


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“The notion of a weighted Laplacian was introduced by I. Chavel and E. Feldman [1991] and by E. B. Davies [D, 1992]. Many facts from the analysis on weighted manifolds are similar to those on Riemannian manifolds. However, in the former setting one has an added flexibility of changing the measure without changing the underlying Riemannian structure, which happens to be a powerful technical tool, as was earlier observed by E. B. Davies and B. Simon [1984]. A natural setup for this approach would be a metric measure space with an energy form in the spirit of [FOT, 1994], but this would bring additional technical complications, caused by the singularity of the space.” Ex. 2.1. Scaling metric by a(x) and measure by b(x) yields new Laplacian (1/b)div((b/a)grad). 2.4. Laplacian on model manifolds (surfaces with density of revolution). Lapµ = ∂2/∂r2 + m(r) ∂/∂r + ψ-2 Lap_theta m(r) = (log S(r))’ = (n-1)(log g(r))’ + 2ψ’.

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