Recent honors students & theses

List of recent Williams honors thesis students, their Majumder lab projects,
and post-graduate activities

Charlotte Jones

Gabriel Patenotte
“Vapor cell and atomic beam spectroscopy of lead at 1279 nm and 368 nm”
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                            Physics Ph.D. program (Ni group, AMO)

Patrick Postec
“Faraday Polarimetry of Forbidden E2 transitions in Lead using a heat pipe oven”

Abdullah Nasir
“Atomic Beam Spectroscopy and Polarizability Measurements in Pb Using Faraday Polarimetry”
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                            Physics Ph.D. program (Doyle group, AMO)

Bingyi Wang
“High-precision atomic structure measurements in In and Pb using atomic beam and vapor cell spectroscopy”
STANFORD UNIV.                                        Physics Ph.D. program
KNIGHT-HENNESSY SCHOLAR              (Palankar group, Neuro-opthalmology) 

Eli Hoenig
“Measurements of hyperfine structure, isotope shifts, and transition amplitudes in the lead ground state 1279 nm and 939 nm transitions”
 Research @ NIST/Boulder in “Fiber sources and applications” group
U. CHICAGO                                               Physics Ph.D. program (Liu group, Mol. Eng.)                              

Nathaniel Vilas
“Measurement of the indium 7p excited-state polarizabilities using two-step atomic beam spectroscopy”
CAMBRIDGE UNIV., U.K.                       Herschel Smith fellowship / M.Phil. in Physics
HARVARD UNIV.                                      Physics Ph.D. program (Doyle group, AMO)      

Allison Carter
“Polarizability measurement of the 6p1/2 excited state in indium using  two-step laser spectroscopy in an atomic beam”
U. MARYLAND                                           Physics Ph.D.  program (Monroe group, AMO)

Sauman Cheng
“Hyperfine splitting and isotope shift measurements in the 8p1/2 state of thallium using two-step laser spectroscopy”

Benjamin Augenbraun
“Scalar Polarizability of the Indium 6P1/2 State: Atomic Beam Stark Shift Measurements Using Two-Step Laser Spectroscopy”

HARVARD  UNIVERSITY                       Physics Ph.D.  program (Doyle group, AMO)

Nathan Bricault
“Atomic beam stark shift measurements in indium using  two-step laser spectroscopy”         CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY                    Machine Learning M. Phil. program

Gabrielle Vukasin
“Hyperfine splitting and isotope shift measurements in the 7p1/2 and 8p1/2 states of thallium using two-step laser spectroscopy”
TUFTS UNIVERSITY                                Mech. Eng. M.S. (2016)
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                       Mech. Eng. Ph.D. program (Kinney group, MEMS)

Nathan Schine
“A Precise Measurement of the Stark Shift in the Indium 5P1/2 –>  6S1/2  410 nm Transition”
APS LEROY APKER AWARD                  Finalist
U. CHICAGO                                               Physics Ph.D. program (Simon group, AMO)
Deborah Jin AMO Thesis award             Finalist
JILA/U. COLORADO                                Postdoctoral Associate (Kaufman group, AMO)

David Kealhofer
“Measurement of the 7p1/2 state hyperfine splitting and isotope shift in 205Tl and 203Tl”
U.C. SANTA BARBARA                         Physics Ph.D. program (Stemmer group, Cond. Mat.)

Taryn Siegel
“Hyperfine structure and isotope shift measurements in the thallium 7S1/2 – 7P1/2 transition using two-step excitation laser spectroscopy”
Epic Software
Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET)
Producer, Podcaster – BBC, W!ZARD radio (UK)

Andy Schneider
“Precise measurement of the indium 5P1/2 – 6S1/2 410 nm transition scalar polarizability in an atomic beam using FM spectroscopy”
TEACH FOR AMERICA                               High School physics teacher, Houston, TX
U. PENN                                                          Comp. Sci. M.S. program
Google                                                              Software Engineer

Antonio Lorenzo
“Atomic beam measurement of polarizability in indium at 410 nm using frequency modulation spectroscopy”
U. ARIZONA                                                 Optical Sciences Ph.D. (2017, Cronin group)
Research Scientist                                        U. Arizona, Dept. of Hydrology & Atmos. Sci.

Anne O’Leary
PRINCETON UNIVERSITY                        Geosciences Ph.D. (2015)
UNIV. OF WASHINGTON                          Postdoc, school of Oceanography
ST. OLAF COLLEGE                                    Asst. Prof. of Physics & Environmental Science

Huajie (Charles) Cao
“Precise measurement of the 6P3/2 hyperfine structure in 115In using two-step diode laser spectroscopy”
PRINCETON UNIVERSITY                        Physics Ph.D. (2014, SCENE Dark Matter search)
GOLDMAN-SACHS                                      Financial Analyst                           

Paul Hess
“Measurement of the indium 6P3/2 hyperfine structure using two-step excitation”
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                         Physics Ph.D. (2014, ACME collaboration)
JQI/U. MARYLAND                                  Postdoctoral Fellow (Monroe, ion-trapping gp)
MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE                        Asst. Prof. of Physics

Jared H. Strait
“Vapor cell spectroscopy of Indium using a 410 nm diode laser system”
CORNELL UNIVERSITY                             Elec. Eng./Optics Ph.D. (2014, Rana group)
NIST / Gaithersburg                                      NRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Owen Simpson
“Two-color spectroscopy of thallium and indium using two-tone RF spectroscopy”
PRINCETON UNIVERSITY                        Physics Ph.D, program
1010data                                                           VP for Data Science and Analytics

Toby E. Schneider
“Precise phase shift spectroscopy in thallium using an in-vacuum ring cavity”
MIT/WOODS HOLE                                   Mech./Ocean Eng. Ph.D. (2013)
MIT/CTR. FOR OCEAN ENG.                   Postdoctoral Associate
GobySoft (Aquatic software)                      Oceanographic Engineer

David Butts
“Differential phase shift spectroscopy of the 6P1/2 – 6P3/2 1283 nm transition in atomic thallium”
MIT                                                                    Aero/Astro Eng. Ph.D. (2011)
DRAPER LAB                                                   Staff Research Scientist
HarbourVest Partners                                    Quantitative Research Associate

Joseph A. Kerckhoff
“Measurement of a T-odd, P-even Interaction in the 6P1/2 – 6P3/2 1283 nm Transition in Atomic Thallium”
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                         Physics Ph.D. (2011, Mabuchi group)
U. COLORADO / JILA                                NRC Postdoc (group of K. Lehnart)
HRL LABORATORIES                                Staff Scientist

Colin D. Bruzewicz
“Phase Shift Spectroscopy of the 6P1/2 – 6P3/2 M1 Transition in a Thallium Atomic Beam”
YALE  UNIVERSITY                                    Physics Ph.D. (2014, group of D. DeMille)
LINCOLN LABORATORIES                       Staff Scientist (ion trapping group)

Mark A. Burkhardt
“Measuring the two-step 6P1/2 à 7S1/2 à7P1/2 378 nm / 1301 nm transition in atomic thallium”
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                          Physics Ph.D. (2012, group of J. Stohr)
WESTERN DIGITAL                                    Principal Hardware Development Engineer

Christopher D. Holmes
“ Frequency modulation spectroscopy of the forbidden M1/E2 1283 nm transition in thallium”
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                            Atmospheric Sci. Ph.D. (2010)
U.C. IRVINE                                                   Postdoc., Dept. of Earth System Sciences
FLORIDA ST. UNIV.                         Asst. Prof. of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sci.

S. Charles Doret
“ A Precise Measurement of the Stark shift in the Thallium 6P1/2 – 7S1/2 378 nm Transition”
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                            Physics Ph.D. (2009, Doyle group)
GEORGIA TECH RES. INST.                      Postdoctoral Fellow (2009 – 2013)
WILLIAMS COLLEGE                                  Assoc. Professor of Physics (tenure 1999)

Paul D. Friedberg
“Measuring the Stark shift in the 6P1/2 – 7S1/2 378 nm Transition in Atomic Thallium”
U.C. BERKELEY                                             Elec. Eng. Ph.D. (200x)
SYNOPSIS, INC.                                            Corporate Applications Engineer
INTEL                                                               Design Automation Engineer      

Andrew J. Speck
“Measuring the Stark shift in the Thallium 6P1/2 – 7S1/2 378 nm Transition”
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                             Physics Ph.D. (2005, Gabrielse group)
ROWLAND INST./HARVARD                    Junior Fellow (2005 – 2010 )
SCHLUMBERGER CORP.                             Research Scientist