We are currently accepting submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, personal and critical essays, photography, drawings, graphic art, playlists, videos, and anything else you are inspired by for ISSUE 3.

We plan to locate this issue within the boundary and balance of the homonym, a word that contains different meanings and origins but maintains the same spelling or pronunciation throughout.
  1. can (a metal container) | can (the ability to do something)
  2. object (something thing that can be seen/touched) | object (to express one's opposition to or disagreement with something)
  3. bear (an animal) | bear (to withstand something)
These examples are meant to give you a straightforward idea of what a homonym. It is your project through your work to experience and articulate the space that exists between the double meaning of whatever homonym you pick.


Of course, this theme serves to guide or inspire. If your work does not "fit" within this idea, it is still welcome to be included in ISSUE 3. Creativity is whatever you want it to be!