Off the Record (OTR) was founded not during a moment of creativity but loss. In 2021, after beginning at Williams, it became clear that there were few creative publication opportunities for students on a campus where the arts were so integral to the community. In a type of mourning, OTR was born to reconcile with that unoccupied space.

OTR is a creative magazine that seeks to publish creative pieces by students in print at the end of the semester. Published pieces will include works of creative writing such as poetry, micro-fiction, creative nonfiction, and fiction, essays such as non-fiction, memoir, or critical responses; visual art such as photography, drawings, or graphic art; and other work such as original composition. OTR aims to serve as a liaison for writers and artists who are beginning to seek publication outside of the College.

The OTR staff is composed of different teams, including management, engagement, readers, illustrators, and layout. While a staff member is assigned to a team of their choosing, collaboration across teams is encouraged and largely required throughout the semester. Please note that these roles are open to all students at any point throughout the year!

At the beginning of each semester, the OTR staff meets to decide on a theme for the forthcoming issue. This theme provides pointed direction for contributors during submission and readers following the submission period so that we are able to curate a thematically and aesthetically cohesive publication.

To enjoy submissions before 2023, visit our old website.





Maya Jacobs ‘25, Founder and Editorial Director

Quinn Casey ‘25, Editorial Director

Giulianna Bruce ‘25, Layout Director 

Sophie Johnson ’25, Engagement Director

Iman Shumburo ‘24, Management-at-large


Andy Huang ‘27

Austina Xu ‘27

Ava Rahman ‘27

Elizabeth Cheng ‘27

Erika Jing ‘27

Francesca Castellanos ‘26

Hannah Coon ‘27

John Sanchez ‘27

Karolina Kotlarz ‘27

Lily Cowles ‘27

Maira Khurana ‘27

Margo Cramer ‘26

Miranda Kimm ‘26

Mishal Powers ‘26

Olivia Majors ‘27

Phaedra Salerno ‘27

Rosario Carranza ‘27

Sophia Rothman ‘25

Layout & Illustrators

Emma Finley-Gillis ‘27

Julia Karp ‘26

Lily Cowles ‘27