For teachers and parents

The Williams College Math Camp (WCMC) is a ten-day residential math camp for mathematically gifted high school students. Students will be exposed to several different areas of mathematics through colloquia and other activities, but the primary focus of the camp will be Number Theory & The Art of Mathematical Thinking. Students will learn to explore the theory of numbers by asking thoughtful questions, working out examples, looking for patterns, making conjectures, and finally, proving their results.  One of the goals of WCMC is to inspire students by showing them a fascinating world of mathematics not seen in standard high school courses and surrounding them by like-minded mathematically curious peers.

Number theory is a great topic for a camp like this, because it does not require any experience with pre-calculus, calculus, or trig.  It will challenge talented students, regardless of their specific math backgrounds.

Participants will be housed on campus in Lehman dorm rooms (single sex floors and bathrooms) with shared bathrooms and common living areas.  Wireless internet access is available.  The participants will eat at a dining hall on campus; three all-you-can-eat meals per day are included with at least one vegetarian option at each.

Participants will have access (at no additional cost) to all of the Williams College recreational and athletic facilities including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, squash courts, weight rooms, tennis courts, and exercise machines.  Many hiking trails are within walking distance of campus.  Other nearby attractions within walking distance include the Williams College Art Museum (free admission), the Clark Art Institute, and the Williamstown Theatre Festival.  The TA’s will also act as Residential Advisors; they will be housed with the campers and organize group recreational activities for the participants, including a math-movie night, museum trip, and scavenger hunt.

Allison Pacelli, Professor of Mathematics at Williams College, is the Director of WCMC.  Pacelli received her Ph.D. in 2003 at Brown University, in the field of algebraic number theory.  Pacelli is an award-winning teacher and the author of numerous research papers as well as the textbook (with Alan Taylor)  Mathematics and Politics:  Strategy, Voting, Power, and Proof (2nd edition).