IAU Working Group on Eclipses

2012-2015 Triennium

Jay M. Pasachoff, Chair
Williams College – Hopkins Observatory
Williamstown, MA 01267
[email protected]

Jay Anderson
formerly Prairie Storm Prediction Centre
Winnipeg, Canada
[email protected]

Ralph Chou
Prof. Emeritus of Optometry
University of Waterloo, Canada
[email protected]

Fred Espenak
Portal, AZ
[email protected]

Beatriz Elena García
Instituto de Tecnologías en Detección y Astropartículas (ITeDA), CNEA CONICET-UNSAM

Michael Gill
Solar Eclipse Mailing List, SEML
[email protected]

Shadia Habbal
Institute for Astronomy
University of Hawaii
[email protected]

Zhongquan Qu
Yunnan Observatories
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Kunming 650011, Yunnan, China
+86 +871-63920609

Xavier Jubier
Antony, France
[email protected]



Michael Kentrianakis
[email protected]
New York City

Iraida S. Kim
Sternberg State Astron. Inst.
Moscow State U.
Moscow, Russia
[email protected]

Bill Kramer
[email protected]

Hiroki Kurokawa
Kwasan Observatory, Kyoto University
Yamashini, Kyoto 607, Japan
[email protected]

Patricio Michel Rojo
Universidad de Chile
Camino El Observatorio 1515
Las Condes
Casilla 36D Santiago, Chile

Vojtech Rusin
Astronomical Institute
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia
[email protected]

Glenn Schneider
University of Arizona – Steward Observatory
Tucson, AZ 85721-0065
[email protected]

Jagdev Singh
Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Bangalore 560 034, India
[email protected]

Michael Zeiler

[email protected]