17 April 2020

Vouchers and P-Cards

Process for Using P-Cards and Vouchers


Request a p-card via a form on the OCL website, only Finance Officers can complete the form. Be sure to submit your request before Wednesday at 5pm

Request Process and Timeline

  • All requests must be submitted no later than Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. Any requests submitted after 5pm on Wednesday will not be available until the Friday of the following week.  

Picking-Up and Returning P-Cards

  • The Purchasing Cards will be placed in Student S.U. Mailboxes on Fridays only by 12:00 p.m.. The cards will be in envelopes with specific instructions regarding usage.
  • Students will need to return cards in the envelopes with physical receipts to the Office of Campus Life on Mondays by 5:00 p.m. The envelopes should be slid under the door. In addition, students should also take pictures and/or screenshots of all receipts.

Online Purchases through Amazon and Walmart

  • Students wishing to make tax exempt purchases utilizing Amazon or Walmart must follow the instructions included in the envelope with their purchasing cards.

College and FAST Spending Rules

  • All purchases must be in compliance with the College spending policies. The information on these policies can be found here.
  • FAST’s funding rules apply to all P-card purchases made on behalf of RSOs.
  • P-card users will not make purchases for RSO’s without FAST’s approval. If a Pcard purchase is made without FAST’s approval, the P-card user is personally liable for all expenditures denied by the FAST. When reconciling charges, P-card users cannot allocate charges to RSO accounts without acquiring FAST’s approval in email.


Vouchers are typically used for vendors that cannot accept credit cards, or for reimbursing individuals for other fronted costs. Reimbursement can take up to two weeks.

    1. Complete and download the voucher form.
    2. List your vendor as whoever you are paying. For example, if you are reimbursing yourself for gas, you will list yourself as the vendor.
    3. Choose the account number that best describes your purchase.
    4. Use “400” for your fund.
    5. Locate your organization’s department ID, listed here.
    6. Attach receipts for each of your purchases on the voucher. If possible submit the receipts and voucher form as one pdf. 
    7. Submit your voucher by emailing the pdf voucher form/receipts to [email protected]