29 February 2020

FAST Members

Tyler Johnson,

Club Sports and Competitive Teams 

Hi y’all,

I’m Tyler Johnson ‘21. I’m a junior (JA of Willy AB) serving as the Funding Facilitator for Club Sports and Competitive Teams. I currently serve as the Williams Climbing Club Treasurer and the Hot Sauce Club Treasurer. I love rock climbing and hot sauce but if you have any questions about making budgets, feel free to email or meet with me!

Hipolito Vazquez,

Minority Coalition Groups and Affiliates

Ana Delgado Fernández,

Performance Groups

Hi all!

My name is Ana Delgado Fernández and I’m a sophomore living in Boston, MA originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’m majoring in Studio Art with a concentration in Latina/o/x Studies. I’m currently treasurer for both QSU (Queer Student Union) and the WWRFC (Women’s Rugby Team) as well as being a member of Purple Rain and Gospel Choir. I can usually be found in either Paresky, Jenness, or Spencer Art Studio but feel free to contact me at [email protected].  <3

Maria Fernanda Estrada,


Hello, Ephs!

Thank you for electing me as a FAST member! As we approach this new beginning, I encourage students to continue holding their representatives accountable. In my capacity, I would like to connect with at-large student groups to aid funding processes in a more timely and just manner. Please, whether you would like to chat about student involvement or about how Mission is the best first-year dorm, I am always seeking to get to know more people in the community! Thank you for trusting me. 

Essence Perry,


Hello! I am Class of ’22 and your At-Large representative for FAST. I ran for FAST because I truly believe together we can create an accessible and equitable system of funding. I am always free to answer questions, feel free to email ([email protected]), message, or find me in Lee’s. Hope to talk to you soon!