19 July 2020

RSO Budgetary Process Guide

Below are steps to Submit a Funding Request:

Link to google form once you have completed the budget request form. 

Your RSO department ID can be found here.

  1. Click here for a template budget.
    • This template has all of the necessary information to request funding from FAST.
  2. Use this quick guide to prepare your budget. It has the major funding guidelines outlined in the Constitution and bylaws.
  3. After you fill out the budget template or make your own, use this link to submit your budget request to FAST.
  4. After you submit your budget to FAST, we highly recommend you attend our office hours
    • Our office is now called the "People's Office," this is the old CC/Fincom Office in Upper Paresky. However, due to popular request, we will host hybrid office hours on Zoom
    • Funding Facilitators are here to help your RSO write budgets/funding requests, find other pots of money at the college, or simply answer any questions about the new funding process. We are paid to ensure you experience an accessible and transparent system of funding. We do all of this during office hours.
  5.  FAST decisions are deliberated within the funding body. Most decisions will be decided within 24 hours of bi-weekly office hours through an email to the RSO/student. We may, however, take up to two weeks before processing your FAST funding request. 
  6. There are two ways to access and use your approved funding. You may make the purchase with a personal debit card/cash and submit a voucher or invoice, along with the itemized receipts in one pdf to FAST. You can also submit a p-card request. You need to submit the p-card request before Wednesday at 5pm. Should you need any help completing the forms, shoot us an email.