Trying a new Coffee Shop

Today, with the guidance of Professor Chan, Keileh, Lee, and I decided to give a closer coffee shop a try. We noticed that it didn’t open until noon, so we headed to the school library and worked there for the two hours until it opened. As we were walking, however, there was no one around, and when a man did come up, he apparently shook his head no as Keileh watched.

Back to our beloved coffee shop in Yuen long!

After a bit of working in the shop, Lee and I went to Tuen Mun and tried to find these candies called Percy Pigs in one of the Tuen Mun malls. Apparently, they are incredibly difficult to come by in the U.S. The mall ended up being a lot bigger than I expected. I’m not sure why we didn’t spend more time in Tuen Mun and the new territories–there’s so much! There was even a pretty cute coffee shop inside!

After buying 8 bags of Percy Pigs as a gift for my boyfriend, who is obsessed with the snacks, Lee and I went around to find some place to eat. I actually ended up having a really heart-warming chat with Lee, and am glad we had dinner together. Afterwards, we saw someone who set up himself and his guitar and was singing on the streets of Tuen Mun. At that moment, I couldn’t have been happier. There was even a rather funny incident with Lee, where we were trying to figure out whether a specific bus returned us back to school or not. We both ended up having upset stomachs, trying to run for the bus just after having had dinner and a big cup of bubble tea. We made it home safe and sound in the end.

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