As the we’ve gotten closer to our departure, I’m happy to say that I think my end-of-the-world mentality has somewhat subsided. Maybe it was yesterday’s hike that did it, but I’ve suddenly found myself more accepting of the fact that I won’t be able to do and see all the things here I want to – three weeks is just too short for everything this city has to offer. So today, after giving our presentation (which I think went decently well, all things considered), I took it easy, getting a leisurely lunch with friends, working a little on my paper, taking a long nap (as the other American students drop one by one, I’m terrified of getting sick, especially this close to the finish line) and eating dinner with the group at a Thai place in Tuen Mun popular with students. It hit me today that all the different and exciting towns and parks and sights will still be here when I leave – but what won’t remain is this specific group of people, in this setting. I can always come back to Hong Kong and hike Lantau peak, or visit Cheung Chau, but I’ll never be here with this eclectic, hilarious mix of American and Hong Kong students. Fact is, we’ll probably never all be in the same place at the same time again, at least not all 16 of us. So these last couple days, I’ve focused on making the most of my time with these people, because they’re so much fun and so rewarding to be around, and so much more ephemeral than the place.

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