Preparing to Rejoin the Flow

In the name of studying, Keileh, Adriana, and I wandered around Tuen Mun searching for coffee and WiFi. At our first stop we found neither but a nice man who smiled and shook his head at us, obviously amused by our confusion. Not too dejected, we headed back to Accro Coffee. I was surprised to see more students there this time around. I also noted more students on our return to campus. At lunch, we watched them filter by and noted our apparent stillness in the middle of the stream of academic life at Lingnan. I have loved being a student tourist in this city of cities but I am excited to return to the realm of working and studying, living in a place rather than just passing through. I think it might be altogether different to live here, to go to the local coffee shop without the backup plan of never returning if I mess up while ordering.

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