Talking Birds

Today began with a great lecture on the Hong Kong economy, covering the history and current makeup of the monetary system, as well as challenges that the economic structure faces. After a fruitful discussion with my partner, I went to Tuen Mun for a subpar Taiwanese meal. We did happen to meet two BU students home on break though! After lunch, we left for Yuen Lang for a really wonderful afternoon. First, the group stopped for desserts, including a delicious dish made with tapioca, coconut milk, and fresh mango. The waitresses were all particularly pleasant, and quite obviously wanted us to purchase more food. The conversation at this meal were also very thoughtful and heartfelt, definitely a highlight of the day. After dessert, we walked around for quite a while, coming upon Yuen Lang Park. The park is situated around a hill, on top of which sits a fairly modern looking pagoda filled with birds. Excitingly~Some of the birds could speak! They said things like “good morning, have you eaten, leave.” We could not stop giggling after successfully coaxing the birds to speak. The day concluded with an amazing dim sum meal with last year’s teaching fellows. It felt as though I haven’t seen each of them in a very long time, so I’m especially grateful to have been able to laugh and eat with them in this place so far from Williamstown. The memories I’m making in this city continue to feel incredibly meaningful, and certainly surreal to a certain degree.

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