Jan. 11, 2018: The HK Economic System

Today Professor WEI Xiangdong, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, gave students a very accessible lecture on the HK economic system and its linked exchange rate system (LERS). We finally understood why there are three note-issuing banks in Hong Kong. Professor Wei is the person who is instrumental in making this joint course possible.

More on Lingnan:

Lingnan is nestled against a hilly area called Fu Tei 虎地 (Tiger Land). It is said that there used to be tigers wandering about in this hilly region. One side street next to the campus is called Fu Tei Road, but with a homophonic play on the character: 虎 is replaced by 富, so Tiger Land was turned into a Rich Land. A neighboring public housing neighborhood is named Fu Tai Estate 富泰邨 (Rich and Prosperous Village). Don’t assume “public housing” to be the same shabby neighborhood that one usually sees in large cities in the U.S.. More on topic this later.

Lingnan’s Visitors’ Quarter, housing visiting scholars and staff


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