Professor Wei Xiangdong taught today’s class on Hong Kong’s economic system. He went into detail about the Linked Exchange Rate System (pros and cons), as well as briefly talking about the economic development trajectory and main challenges before opening the discussion with our learning buddies on issues with income inequality and social mobility.
After our discussion, I headed to Tsim Sha Tsui with Adriana and was quickly introduced to her friend before I met up with mine. My friend wanted to take me to the Ladies Market in Mong Kok, but all of the snack stops we made on the way made me think he actually intended to give me the taste tour of Hong Kong.
We started by leaving from the D exit and quickly located a Michelin rated egg waffle joint, which to me looked like a hole in the wall. A few minutes after we ordered, a green matcha and chocolate waffle appeared and was absolutely delicious. We walked in the direction of Kowloon Park and he ordered a drink for me that was made of mango, pomelo, and sago – not sure what all of those are, but it was very yummy.
We sauntered Kowloon Mosque and the park to a smaller market called Temple Street. We climbed up the steps of a building across from the entrance of the market and had a fantastic view of the surrounding streets from the roof. As we made our way back to Nathan Street, we stopped at a “fast food” dumpling place. I tried fried curry dumplings, chili wontons, kimchi dumplings, “mediocre” bubble tea, and passion fruit green tea. Stuffed, we finally made our way to Nathan Street and walked down towards Mong Kok. We passed another store and he made me try these balls with octopus and fish flakes. We detoured a little and he showed me Yau Ma Tei Police Station, which is apparently featured in Rush Hour 2. Before we go to the Ladies Market, he bought shumai doused in sweet soy sauce and green, freshly made sugarcane juice. Luckily, the juice was bottled and I could save it for later because I was already so full.
Arriving at the Ladies Market, he helped me bargain for some nice, cheap souvenirs. Before we had even left the market, he managed to buy me a pineapple bun, but I could also save this to heat it up later as well. After strolling through the market, we looped around, stopping to get some quality milk tea (I could actually taste the difference between this one and the one we had drunk earlier!), and worked our way to a beautiful, gigantic mall. We made our final stop at this dessert place, where I had a dish with mango, coconut, and black rice and tried some of his durian. It was very good, but sadly I didn’t even make it halfway through this dish because I was so full I felt like I may explode. After, we rode one of the longest/tallest escalators in Hong Kong and strolled around the mall before we parted ways.
It has already been over four hours and I still feel stuffed, but I can assure you, it was a very tasty day!

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