This morning I woke up and went to the campus library to research and work on my presentation with Adriana and Lee. After a bit, we went to Fu Tai for lunch, where I got spicy Thai noodles and bubble tea. Then, we head towards a nearby coffee shop that had been recommended by Professor Chan, but it was sadly closed. Slightly discouraged, we took the MTR back to our regular coffee shop. I worked a bit more, as I sipped on my mint hot chocolate, before going back to campus to meet Harry. After going over some more details of our project, we met up with Konnor to have a dim sum dinner in Yuen Long. On our way back, we got some conjee for Tongyu (as she was confined to her room all day with the flu) and some bubble tea for ourselves, then took a minibus back to campus. Harry and I delivered Tongyu her meal, talked for a bit before Lee came back, and we all split up to go to sleep.

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