On The Corner Of

A street corner on a sunny day in Hong Kong is quite the place to people watch. It’s a place to be bumped and jostled, to be sold a suit, to share a coconut with a friend. A street corner in Hong Kong is also a beginning. It poses a question. Where will you go?

Today, a street corner in Tuen Mun brought us to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha. It brought us all the way from one end of the MTR line to the other. It brought us to a transfer station, to bubble tea, to a cable car. It brought us up over mountains and hiking trails, the airport and artificial islands. It brought us up the stairs towards the Buddha, through streams of visitors, up each step which marked the statue growing just a little closer, a little bigger. It brought us to sweet tofu soup and corn on the cob. It brought us to laughter, to sunburns. It almost brought RB to missing the cable car back.

I don’t know if I’ll ever stand on that corner again, but for the rest of this winding and mysterious journey, I’ll know that one branch of the path started there.

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