Day 12

“I can’t believe we can do all this in an afternoon!” Said Haley as she looked out majestically into the mountains. Today’s theme was food culture, with an in-class discussion about Hong Kong’s food culture and visits to a 茶餐廳 and a wet market. The food was delicious, and I enjoyed observing the community whose lives revolved around working in the market. Sellers frequently cover each other when someone’s supply runs short and play Chinese poker during breaks. There’s a subtle rhythm to the market, with the overlapping shouting from merchants and buyers alike serving as the metronome.
Near the Tian Tan Buddha, we sat down for a bowl of soft bean curd. Warm and sweet, it reminded me of a Saturday afternoon in middle school when my mother bought me that same dish during our monthly Costco run. Of course it tasted better in my memory, but that’s usually how it goes.
Today, we ate, we observed, and we reminisced. Food really can play a paramount role in relationships, and, looking back, I can’t believe we did so much this afternoon, either.
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