Yu Laoshi started today’s class describing Hong Kong’s culinary scene, such as the fusion between international and Chinese cuisines, wet markets, street food, and Cha Can Ting – we went to one in Tuen Mun for lunch a bit later. Next, Yu Laoshi told us a bit about Leung Ping Kwan, a Hong Kong poet, and read us some of his poems before we discussed different themes and allegories¬†in regards to one of his short stories in “Postcolonial Affairs of Food and the Heart”.
After our discussion, we went to a Cha Can Ting, which is a Hong Kong style diner. It was delicious with affordable quasi-Western food, such as shrimp toast and french fries, egg, ham, pineapple on top of rice with soy sauce and meat on the side. Once we stuffed ourselves, we walked to a nearby wet market and wandered around. Harry told me that he used to come to wet markets with his mom as a child since the food was cheaper and fresher than in supermarkets. The jumping frogs and flopping fish confirmed that the food was indeed very fresh. We got some sugar cane to chew on and I tried some of Lee’s coconut water as we left.
It was a beautiful day and some of us decided we had enough time to make the trek to Lantau Island, so we hopped on the MTR around 2 pm. At Tung Chung, we traded the subway for a cable car with breathtaking views of the water and surrounding islands. We strolled past souvenir shops, Subway, stray dogs, and a few cows to climb up the steps to Tian Tan Buddha. I loved how the fog fell on the water in the distance so only the tips of islands would peek out; up there, it felt so peaceful. After a bit, we went to Po Lin Monastery, then headed back to the Ngong Ping 360 around 5:30 pm (since it shuts at 6), stopping for some tofu and ginger syrup soup. Once in line, RB realized he forgot his ticket on the table where we ate, and we all had mini panic attacks as he ran to retrieve it, fearing he would not make it back before they closed the gate. Luckily, he found it with time to spare and we watched the sunset on the way back.
We took the MTR to Yuen Long and had some yummy conjee and bubble tea and then returned to the university to finish our reading for tomorrow’s class.

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