Last Weekend

This was overall a really great weekend where I reconnected with a few friends and spent more time downtown in Central. For dinner one night, we roamed around Central, looking for inexpensive eats with lots of people, eventually coming upon a place with plastic tables and chairs situated in a small alley. It was really packed, and the food was a bit salty but really delicious. I had lots of fresh clams, fish with tofu, squid, and a nice plate of stir-fried chicken. Overall, I think Central reminds me a great deal of New York City, with bright lights, lots of people, and really expensive prices. This little hole in the wall place in an alley reminded me that even the huge metropolis area has character and hidden gems. On the subway ride home, an 阿姨 on the train asked me to take a picture with her son, this adorable one year old with a tiny surgical mask on to protect him from the flu. The picture is up on wechat, and it was a definite highlight of the day. I think that subway culture is very similar to the States, not a lot of talking and everyone politely keeping to themselves. But every once in a while someone will start a conversation with me after I send a voice message over wechat or something like that. Sorry that this blog is late, I spent my night working on my report and presentation due later this week.

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