Jan. 22, 2018: Professor Chan’s Brunch

Today and tomorrow are research days for the students.

Professor Annie Chan, Associate Dean and Director of the Social Sciences Undergraduate Programme at Lingnan who has been a huge supporter of this joint course, took time out of her busy schedule and prepared a sumptuous brunch for us at her apartment. Professor Greg Whitten and Professor Samson Yuen who taught the joint course also joined the gathering. It was really a shame that Konnor still felt under the weather and could not join the group. Here is to wish him a quick and smooth recovery.

The news reports are saying that the flu season in Hong Kong is pretty bad this year. It is reported that the Chief Executive of Macau has also come down with the flu virus.

Some advice for all future participants of Williams travel courses: First, get the flu shot! Second, register with International SOS before departure as required by the College. Download their APP onto your smartphone. They are so helpful when you are away from home to give you advice on where to seek medical help and to coordinate your visit with the local hospitals or clinics! They also have registered nurses online to give you advice if needed.

And when traveling, remember to rest well, eat well and keep healthy!



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