Day 18

My day started off with a brunch at Professor Chan’s home, where I had bacon for the first time in weeks. I’m a big fan of bacon, and I found it absurd that until today, I didn’t even notice its disappearance from my life. With all the things that I’ve been doing here in Hong Kong, I suppose I never had time to miss it. I wonder what other else quietly left my life, disappearing without a trace.

At Yuen Long, I had my first repeat meal of this trip: a bowl of congee and rice noodle rolls. This restaurant didn’t have a Michelin Star and wasn’t promoted by any of the food guides I checked online, but I loved the food so much that I went back anyway.

At brunch, Professor Yu talked about getting over the “end of the world” mentality, where the afflicted, knowing that his time is running out, feels compelled to do everything. I’m going through a similar phase right now, as I know I probably won’t be returning to Hong Kong in the near future. So, as soon as I finish this 10 page research paper, I’m going straight back into the city to do enough eating, photo-taking, and bargaining for a lifetime. And maybe have another bowl of congee, too. That way, even if I end up being too busy to miss Hong Kong, I’ll know that I did the best I could.

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