Hong Kong’s Social Developments 1.13.18

First thing I regretted this trip–my choice of shoes. I should’ve known better than to go out on a ¬†field trip with heeled shoes, but a lesson was learned.

We had two museum tours, the first was a museum which gave us more insight about the history of Hong Kong–before, during, and after its colonial times. What I especially liked about that museum was all the different simulations that it had. Although many parts of the exhibition were replicas of things, I really thought they did a good job in recreating parts of Hong Kong and how they looked like in the past.

The second tour was also pretty great! It was a walking tour of the Kowloon area, and I found it really informative of the wealthy gap and growing concern of poverty in Hong Kong. The thing that surprised me the most of the tour was the fact that many homeless people who we saw under the highway bridge were actually employed and/or educated. This definitely took me by surprise because we had learned in class that the unemployment rate of Hong Kong was incredibly low, somewhere around 3%. This gives a misconception of the population of Hong Kong, making it seem that there wouldn’t be that many homeless people then–which is not the case.

After the tour, our group walked around on our own and had Dimsum at a very popular chain I believe it was called Tim Ho Wan–which was definitely very good!

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