Finding comfort in a coffee shop

Today was the last day of class and it’s just so crazy to think that we’re almost done with our time in Hong Kong. Just when my body was beginning to get accustom to the time difference, and environment. When the MTR trains began to be an area of comfort for me. It’s not the last day yet however–considering there’s so much still to do. Instead, we spent the time in class going over the customs of Hong Kong- food, clothing, dwelling, mobility, and entertainment and going over our project plans. All of them seemed super interesting and so I’m actually really excited to hear what everyone will talk about.

After some yummy lunch in Fu Tai, Keileh, Lee, and I went off to a nice little coffee shop in Yuen Long. After beginning some in depth research, I’ve become entirely engrossed in my topic and am very happy with my choice to study this.

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