Jan. 20, 2018: Field trip to Shenzhen

Visiting the Shenzhen Qianhai 前海 Exhibition Hall

It would be really nice if the new futuristic city Qianhai, a special economic zone within a special economic zone (Shenzhen), could be turned into reality in 2020.

Learning more about the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub 前海深港青年夢工廠.

For lunch, we enjoyed some relaxing time at the OCT Harbour (歡樂海岸), a tourist spot surrounded by shopping malls, restaurants, and theme parks.

After lunch, some of us headed to the Old Street 老街 area in Shenzhen and enjoyed some window shopping and interesting food.

All of us have been worrying about RB’s backpack.

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