So I was really tired yesterday and did not write my blog, so here is yesterday’s! Yesterday began with a pretty lengthy subway ride to CUHK, where I was going to meet some friends and Yu laoshi. I definitely think CUHK is a must-see for anyone coming to HK. The school is built on a huge mountain, and is surrounded by jungle and really brilliant views of the sea. I went with Yu laoshi to an information session she gave about being a teaching fellow at Williams. It was really nice to meet both prospective fellows and a former fellow and alum. After the discussion, I went with my two friends to a nearby place for dinner. It was one of the best meals I have had here. First we went to the market downstairs to pick out fresh vegetables and fish that were still swimming and squirming. We then brought the stuff back up, and told the restaurant people how we wanted it prepared. I ate like a fool, and it really was great. After that, we wandered for a really long time in Kowloon, enjoying a big waffle and all the neon-lit shops. All in all, I think wet markets have been host to some of my best memories here.

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