Day 20

As a wise man once said, all good things must come to an end. And today, with the delivery of my final presentation, we draw closer to the inevitable end. This is usually the part where the protagonist reflects on his journey, but since I’ve been doing just that for the past 19 days, I’ll just stick to just my thoughts from today.

i. Larry the tailor asked me to help him download a music app on his phone, as his son’s out of town. Elated that our relationship has evolved from business-only, I eagerly tapped away at the Android screen. Turns out the app was only available for Apple devices. Guess I’m back to square one.

ii. A week and 50 shops later, I finally found the Chinese medicinal tool that my father had asked me to buy for him. Why was it so hard to find a simple wooden box with a few holes drilled into it? I wish I knew the answer myself. I may be a prodigal son, but I’m a very filial one at that.

iii. After making my way to Central to find the beef noodle shop that I found closed on Sunday, I was seated next to four complete strangers. They asked what I had ordered, but I didn’t really know myself, having asked the nice lady at the counter for a recommendation. The voices spoke of night markets, mango ice, and kending national park, so it was fairly clear to me where they were from. Strangely, I felt connected to these strangers simply because they came from a place that I once called home. Little did they know that all along, the best beef noodle shop in the world was only a couple of stops away by MRT.

Tomorrow marks my last full day in Hong Kong and the end of this journey, and I can only hope to give this story the ending that it deserves. Stay tuned!

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