This morning, I met with Harry to print out our slides and go over some changes and additions we each made the night before. Harry and I then parted ways, as I headed to class and he went to take Tongyu to a western medicine clinic. I thought that the presentations we had today were all very intriguing, with Adriana and Andy talking about migrant workers in Hong Kong and Clement and RB discussing Environmentalism in Hong Kong peaking my interest the most. After all of the presentations, a bunch of us went to Yuen Long with the intention of returning to the Cha Can Ting we had gone for the field trip; however, we decided to eat at an Italian place next door instead.
We finished our meals and ran into Zihan on the street, with a bag of chocolate and caramel popcorn in his hands. Then, we split up, as Harry had to make it back to campus for class and Konnor was looking to exchange money.
RB, Adriana, Lee, and I walked through VCity, stopping at a couple places to buy bubble tea and candy. Once we were done, we left and saw the K51 bus already at the station we were heading too. We decided we were going to make it and sprinted for the bus. RB got there first and waved at the bus driver to wait, so we all made the bus and went back.
We got off at the MTR station and went to go check if the Casphult coffee shop near Lingnan was open today. After opening a few doors that were closed but unlocked, we discovered that the shop was not open and that it only functions from Friday to Sunday.
We walked back to campus, appreciating the warmth, sunlight, and the fact that I could wear a dress and be hot, only slightly dreading the cold that we would come back to in only a couple of days. We all ended up taking naps and woke up to go back to Tuen Mun for dinner at a Thai restaurant. Our table began with Harry, Adriana, Konnor, Lee, and I, but then gradually expanded as Mariam and Jake came in, and then RB joined a bit later. The food, an assortment of curries, rice, and noodles, was very tasty. We all went back to campus together and headed back to our rooms to work on presentations or papers or both for tomorrow.

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