Don’t want to leave, excited to come back.

Today was pretty relaxing. We had the beginning of our research presentations this morning, and I learned a lot from my classmates about everything from cinema, to environmental protection, to language politics. After the presentations were over, I stayed back for a few minutes to chat with a friend named 莉莉, an alum who speaks amazing Chinese. She just flew from Beijing for a quick visit, and I have to say one of the best parts of the day was when she told me the air in the capital has been great this winter. I just finished my application to study there for the next school year, and I felt really overjoyed that the air has been getting better for all the people there. After a quick lunch from the restaurant on campus, I went back to the hostel for a nap, and to practice my presentation for tomorrow. After awhile, I met my learning buddy after her last lesson, and we headed to a Thai place nearby. We met up with the rest of the group there, and had a really delicious meal, minced pork, mango sticky rice, some nice Thai beverages. I came back to campus and started a load of laundry that I’m still waiting on, chatting with some friends over wechat intermittently. I’m also kind of reflecting on how I feel as we’re about to leave. First, I think I could stay here for much much longer. This city is exciting, friendly, safe, and feels like there are hidden gems of people and places everywhere you go. I also know I will miss the amazing people I met here and the friends I met up with from my time in Beijing. Lastly, I will be sad to leave, and will think about coming back to this part of the world frequently.

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