Jan. 16, 2018: Food

What role does food play in a city’s cultural identity? How does food become part of one’s individual identity? Does food bring people together or is it exclusionist?

Today the students offered multiple ways of interpreting Postcolonial Affairs with Food and the Heart 後殖民食物與愛情, a thought-provoking novella authored by the quintessential Hong Kong writer Leung Ping Kwan 梁秉鈞 who used to teach at Lingnan before he passed away in 2013.

Today’s lunch became a special occasion for the Williams students to explore the Cha Chan Ting culture with the help from the Lingnan learning buddies.

A stroll in the nearby San Hui wet market 新墟街市 gave the students more insights into the everyday life of the common Hong Kongers.

Food definitely has brought the students in this joint course a little closer.

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