January 16th, 2018

Today’s class surrounded a topic near and dear to my heart–food! I felt especially close to this topic because I think food is a good indicator of many different cultures, especially since I was raised with corn tortillas and my hands, instead of a fork and knife. I also really enjoyed the discussion we had in class about last night’s reading. I found it a very applicable piece of literature that explained the merging of multiple different cultures along with depicting the various attitudes that could come as a result from it.

After class, we visited a wet market in Tuen Mun, and I was happy to see it bustling with people. Things seemed fresher in these markets, and the vendors were especially nice. When Konnor and I were attempting to find tea leaves, for example, one vendor mentioned to us a place in the mall where we could find plenty more. I found that particularly nice, because it was apparent that they were invested in helping us out. Konnor and I, with the help of Ann, managed to get a good deal of tea leaves to bring back home–more than enough to sustain us for a year probably! The seller even threw in a really cute display tea set that I absolutely fell in love with.

After that, we returned home and I managed to take a short rest, walk around the area on my own, replenish my chocolate milk box supply, and just enjoy the weather while doing some reading.

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