Progressive Squeeze in Phoenix

I had this progressive squeeze at Phoenix Nationals playing with Farley Mawyer in the 10K IMP Pairs. I was E playing in NT. South led the S10. I won the Q, unblocked the K, and led the HQ. North took the Ace and played Diamonds. I won the third one and cashed two Hearts and two Spades. On the last Spade, North holding — 10 Q K5 was squeezed and discarded the DQ. Now on the D9 he was squeezed again, and graciously threw in his cards.

The second day I picked up KT9 AKQ62 AKQ63 —. I opened 2C, planning an auction such as 2C 2D 2H (Kokish) 2S (forced) 3D …, ending in 6H or 6D. But my partner’s response to 2C was a surprise 2S. So I just bid 7S. When the lead of D5 wasn’t ruffed, partner could claim.